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Diana Kilgour
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Diana Kilgour - Wardrobe Consultant
Personal Style and Image Consultant

Who are Diana's clients? They include men and women of all ages, at any point in their education, career or retirement, with much to spend or little.

They include:

  • The time challenged professional who wants to have it all and knows about hiring experts for support.
  • People who love fashion, look great, and want to learn even more.
  • Businesspeople who want a causal but still pulled together look.
  • The promising employee who just needs a little polish, sometimes referred by human resources.
  • Young moms who are finally able to spend some time on themselves.
  • Newcomers to Vancouver who don't know the local stores.
  • The single person who wants an enhanced social image.
  • Women and men who appreciate having an informed ally on their side of the cash register.

Some of Diana's clients have said:

"We just wanted to let you know you are talked about almost every day at our office, all great things of course. We are all looking good and using your advice on a daily basis."
VVM, Richmond, BC

"I always thought if you weren't born with a natural ability to dress well and with style, it wasn't something you could learn. I was wrong. Hauling my entire wardrobe to Diana's office was worth it. I'm going home a new person - lighter, prettier (I never thought I'd say that!) and happier."
LD, Vernon BC

"Diana, I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping together and am delighted with my/our purchases. I'd NEVER have chosen the khaki jacket yet I love it and believe it will become a staple in my wardrobe over the coming years. It's obviously never too late for an old dog to learn new tricks!"
GG, West Vancouver

"The airline lost my luggage and I was in need of an entire wardrobe for a seven-day cruise. I contacted Vancouver Personal Shopper Diana Kilgour and related my tale of woe. She spent some time with me taking notes on colors and sizes. An hour later I was elated to see what she had selected. She put together a complete wardrobe; outfitting me from head to toe for casual and formal that would take care of all my needs for the entire seven days. She was a lifesaver."
JP, Scottsdale AZ

"Diana, thank you for your terrific savvy and persistence in finding what's 'right'. There's such a feeling of ease and confidence in seeing the jackets, shirts and ties work together. I really can get dressed in the dark and I now have a solid platform on which to build."
BF, Vancouver

"I so much appreciate you sharing your talents with me. You did the impossible by taking so many items out of my closet but leaving me with more to wear. You worked your magic and set the real me free. You are a gift!"
SB, Langley, BC

"Diana? She's insightful, intuitive, unfailingly practical, refreshingly honest, always encouraging, fun and funny! I love our times together."
EJ, Vancouver








DIANA KILGOUR Vancouver Image Consultant

Personal Style & Image Consultant - Colour Consulting - Color Analysis - Closet Organizer
From Corporate to Casual since 1981
Vancouver, BC, Canada