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Diana Kilgour - Wardrobe Consultant
Colour Consultant Vancouver

Usually colour and style are covered in one session but you may choose an emphasis on one or the other.

If you think that certain colours make you look brighter and feel better you are right. Give yourself the advantage of this thorough session. You'll see which colours, patterns, textures and shapes bring out your best physical traits and make your wardrobe come together with ease. The colours we choose, the styles we wear need to be reviewed as we and the fashion climate change. This is a great way to break out of a rut, even completely transform.

About Colour

Are you tired of living in black, black, black?
Have you been noticing more colour on the runways but wonder how to use it and still be corporately correct?
Have you been wearing the same "right" colours the same old way?

Even if you've had your colours "done" in the past, there is more to know now.

Remember the 80's?
We used colour in predictable combinations, slaves to rules about gold versus silver. Now that we are living in the 21st century does that mean there are no more rules? Not at all.

This is the time to really get to know how colour works on you so that you can use it with your personal twist. You will learn the sophisticated subtleties of colour, exciting new combinations and modern harmonies.

Learn how the right colour choices will:

  • Make you look healthier, younger, and more rested.
  • Draw attention to your best features.
  • Help you make subtle shifts in your palette as you gracefully mature.
  • Maximize the potential of your career wardrobe to market YOU.
  • Give you a "free" tool (colour has no price tag) for updating your look.

You will have a set of swatches to take away - along with plenty of notes. And because Diana will show you what not to wear as well as how to "break some rules" to your advantage, you will definitely begin to have a liberating feel for colour!

A Word About Taste

Have you ever been noticeably underdressed or overdressed for an event? Uncomfortable, wasn't it?
Dressing tastefully should always be our first goal. The rules of good taste tell us what is appropriate for a particular occasion, for the location, the time of day or year and for the role we play in life. We feel confident when we know that we are "correct" in our choice of attire.

About Personal Style

Are you chronically confused about what's in, what's out? No wonder and it's not your fault. Fashion is fickle. You will want to keep your wardrobe looking current and pay attention to major trends, but you'll never be a fashion victim if you know your style.

Style - your personal style - is the way you express your individuality in your wardrobe. When you really have it down, you'll be able to dress tastefully, fashionably and so perfectly, comfortably YOU!

Not one other person shares all of your characteristics. Everything about you is a clue to your personal style. Your personality, your colouring, bone structure, hair texture and style, body language - even your voice and laugh!

Book a Colour and Style Consultation if you want to:

  • Develop a signature look in your clothing or accessories.
  • Know the adjectives that best describe your fashion personality and style.
  • Be "given" some new colours that you'll love and that will expand your range.
  • Be freshly excited about shopping because you'll have a colour appetite.
  • Have clothing that coordinates more easily than ever before.
  • Get rid of the image breakers that might suit someone of another type.
  • Go from bland to focused and interesting.

For twenty-four years Diana's clients have been loving this session and years later still rave about its benefits. If it's been over five years for you, by the way, it's time for a refresher! We don't want to get stuck in a rut now, do we?

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"Through discovering their personal style, my clients make peace with their choices from the past and learn how to put together a functional wardrobe that will enhance their future."
- Diana

DIANA KILGOUR Vancouver Image Consultant

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