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Diana Kilgour
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Diana Kilgour - Wardrobe Consultant
Personal Style and Image Consultant

Do you also work with men?
Yes, many of my clients are men and I work with couples, too. Men have their own wardrobe challenges. They are less likely to be able to articulate their needs and often feel overwhelmed by too many choices. A demanding schedule plus a dislike for shopping can result in a wardrobe that is incomplete, nondescript, or just plain tired. The good news is that a man's wardrobe comes together very smoothly with a small investment in time. A clearing out of the old, a few hours of shopping - what a difference! Once I know my clients' likes and sizes I can even shop for them.

How much money should I spend on my wardrobe?
We'll take into account your goals, priorities and whether you are happy with a lean wardrobe or like to have many changes. First of all, consider whether your wardrobe is critical to your professional effectiveness. That would certainly be the case if you are in sales or in a traditional company with a public image (large law, investment or consulting firms). You will need to spend more than would someone who works in a casual environment or is not working.

How much money should I be prepared to spend when we go shopping?
Let me put it this way: Since I'm skilled at putting together coordinates and you'll be paying me for my time, my answer is "the more the better". By that I mean that if you have some money to spend now and will have more two months from now, it's smart to pool the money. Being able to add those last two or three pieces and a few more accessories may double the number of outfits you'll have!

Do you have a favorite look or style? Will I look like your other clients?
I help you choose the clothes that make you look great, those that bring out the best and most authentic expression of you. I look for your style-defining features, the subtle and not-so-subtle differences that set you apart. I will connect you with things that fit your look, your lifestyle and that perhaps other people can't wear.

I don't live in Vancouver. Can you help me?
Over the years, many people have planned ahead to spend some time with me during their trips to Vancouver. You may book a consultation, a shopping excursion or even bring your entire wardrobe for me to see. I can also travel to another area if you and your friends want to organize some events or private sessions.

Do you also do makeup?
Because I'm not trained as an aesthetician I prefer to talk to you about makeup in general terms and then, if you want more hands-on guidance, I will refer you to a very skilled expert in makeup application.

What companies have you done work for?
There are many small companies that have hired me to help establish a dress code, talk about business attire and grooming, teach basic etiquette, or even tune up the office décor. Some of the larger companies with names you'll recognize are:

Atlific Hotels
B.C. Gas
Canada Life
CIBC Wood Gundy
Greyhound Canada
John Casablancas Agencies
Metropolitan Hotel
Montreal Trust
Pan Pacific Hotel
PEERS Consulting
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
ProActive Dental Studio
Sequoia Restaurants
United Food & Commercial Workers
Waterfront Centre Hotel
Western Management Consultants








"Improving the external begins to change what others expect from you. You are given more choices and more chances."
- Diana

DIANA KILGOUR Vancouver Image Consultant

Personal Style & Image Consultant - Colour Consulting - Color Analysis - Closet Organizer
From Corporate to Casual since 1981
Vancouver, BC, Canada