Diana Kilgour, Vancouver, Wardrobe and Image Consultant

Diana Kilgour
Image Consulting Vancouver

Phone: [604] 688-2889

Diana Kilgour - Wardrobe Consultant
Image Consulting Vancouver

You are always invited to call Diana about any special requirements and design your own consultation or program.

Some examples:

  • Would you like feedback on your wardrobe choice for an important interview, TV appearance or social engagement?
  • Do you need reassurance about some recent clothing purchases?
  • Is it time for a colour and style refresher?
  • Do you have some outfits that need accessorizing?
  • Do you want help with packing for a trip?
  • Can't decide which eyeglass frames to choose?
  • Are you curious about how your table manners rate?

Bring your questions and dilemmas, and leave more confident.

And on the homefront: Diana can apply the same editing savvy that she uses on your wardrobe, to your living or work space.

Diana is always ready and willing to help with her keen eye and sense of your style.

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"Improving the external begins to change what others expect from you. You are given more choices and more chances."
- Diana

DIANA KILGOUR Vancouver Image Consultant

Personal Style & Image Consultant - Colour Consulting - Color Analysis - Closet Organizer
From Corporate to Casual since 1981
Vancouver, BC, Canada