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BEAUTY SENSE, November 2004


Does reaching into your purse feel like reaching for a needle in a haystack? Maybe it's time to get some handbag help. Sure, you want to be prepared, but you don't need the kitchen sink. Here's a guide to what should be in - and out - of your bag.

Pick your purse. For many of us, this can be the toughest part. If you don't already have a good durable bag (or if it's badly worn rather than vintage-chic) it's time to go shopping. Take your time to find a bag that not only meets your personal and professional needs, but also matches your look - regardless of what you are wearing. How do you do that? One idea from independent wardrobe and image consultant Diana Kilgour: Instead of immediately falling back on black, try matching your handbag to your hair color. "For my clients with tan, copper or chestnut brown hair I love to find a bag that harmonizes with that shade," says Kilgour. "That way, the bag would always be repeating a color that is already in the color scheme and help to create a very pulled together look. Of course," she says, for some women only having many bags in many colors will satisfy…"

Grab and go. What you carry in your purse changes depending on where your day will take you. If you're going to run errands all morning and then attend a child's game after school, you're going to want everything from your keys, wallet, and cell phone, to sunglasses, sunscreen and snacks. Another day you might need checkbook and umbrella and feminine hygiene products. Here is Diana Kilgour's brilliant tip for always having the right things in the right bag:

"Keep an attractive basket somewhere close to your front door. Supply it with a few packages of tissues, several lipstick colors. When you come in at the end of a day, empty the entire contents into the basket. The next time you go out, simply select from the basket the items you will need for that day. Some days you will choose the tape measure, or the camera, or the paint swatches or the pink lipstick, but you don't have to carry everything around all the time. Once a week, check the basket contents for receipts to be filed, items to be replaced (What always happens to the pens?) or items to be thrown out."


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