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THE GLOBE AND MAIL, Saturday, November 3, 2001

Wardrobe Makeover

'My job is to get people to eliminate the problems in their closet'

excerpt from article

(Vancouver Wardrobe Consultant Diana Kilgour:) "Most people have a lot of clothes that aren't being used. There was once something about the garment that made it seem appealing enough to carry it home in a shopping bag. Where is the break in the relationship between the person and the clothing? My job is to get people to eliminate the problems in their closet and end up with what looks good on them."

Maybe it's time to change the shoe that you've been wearing with a particular suit. Maybe it's time to open up the neckline on a blouse so it doesn't look as stiff and dated.

"If you know how to buy things that suit you and are basic and adaptable to a variety of occasions, you needn't have miles and miles of closet rods," Kilgour adds. "Most of my clients say they want to have less but enjoy it more."


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