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Diana Kilgour
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Diana Kilgour - Wardrobe Consultant
Personal Style and Image Consultant

Diana Kilgour offers a range of individual services:

Colour & Style Consultations

If you suspect that certain colours make you look brighter and feel better you are right. Give yourself the advantage of this session. You'll see which colours, patterns, textures and shapes bring out your best physical traits and make your wardrobe come together with ease. The colours we choose, the styles we wear need to be reviewed as we and the fashion climate change. This a great way to break out of a rut, even completely transform.

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In-Home Wardrobe Therapy

Busy people need effective wardrobes, wardrobes that are complete, coordinated, versatile and current in style. With my expert eye and regard for your lifestyle, fashion type and budget, we will carefully assess your present wardrobe. Then we'll draw up a prioritized list of garments and accessories that will pull your look together. I'll make every effort to get maximum use from your current garments.

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Personal Shopping

Shopping with me is efficient, satisfying and fun. You'll purchase only items that fit and flatter and that you'll enjoy wearing for years to come. We'll start with a one hour consultation in my office or yours and then I'll pre-shop (no charge for this part of our project) until I have located the very best store or stores for you. Then we'll meet and get a lot done in a short time. You'll like the many shopping tips I'll share with you during our time together, too.

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Image Check-Ups

Improve your chances by creating a positive first impression. Do you have an important interview, TV appearance or social engagement in your future? Perhaps you'd like reassurance about some recent purchases or to have a colour and style refresher. Bring your questions and dilemmas, leave more confident.

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"Looking good pays. Attractive people are assumed to be more genuine, intelligent, kind, sincere, poised, competent and of better character. They also receive bigger tips and smaller penalties."
- Diana

DIANA KILGOUR Vancouver Image Consultant

Personal Style & Image Consultant - Colour Consulting - Color Analysis - Closet Organizer
From Corporate to Casual since 1981
Vancouver, BC, Canada