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Diana Kilgour - Wardrobe Consultant
Wardrobe Consultant Vancouver, Closet Organizer

Busy people need effective wardrobes that are complete, coordinated, versatile and current in style. With Diana's expert eye and regard for your lifestyle, fashion type and budget, she will carefully assess your present wardrobe.

If struggling to put together an outfit is starting your days on the wrong foot, it's time for a fresh perspective and some hands-on intervention.

Three important facts:

  • Most great dressers are made, not born.
  • Looking your best is an asset in business and in your social life.
  • Dressing well is a skill that you can learn quite quickly and pleasurably.

Diana's approach is ruthlessly honest but always positive and constructive. Many of her clients are surprised to find that a wardrobe minus the duds, adjusted for lengths and proportions and combined creatively, feels like having more clothing, not less. She'll have some recommendations for alterations, accessorizing and future purchases as well.

Remember that everything in your closet doesn't belong to you. It belongs to who you used to be - whether ten years ago or yesterday.

This service is for you if:

  • You stand in front of your closet and shake your head or burst into tears.
  • You have many clothes (some with price tags intact!) but no outfits.
  • You're always late because you change five times before you're ready.
  • You want to pare down but don't know what should stay, what should go.
  • You are changing careers and need to move your wardrobe to a new level.
  • Your clothes bore you to pieces.

You'll learn what to do with clothes that no longer serve you as they are. Mend, store, sell, give to a friend, donate to charity? You will know and you won't mind because you'll already be dreaming of the new you! Diana will help you to see yourself in a new light and help you wave goodbye to your fashion past.

And, because Diana wants her time with you to be valuable, you can skip this step if:

  • Everything you own is two sizes too big or too small.
  • You've lived in jeans and T-shirts since having your first of five children.
  • You already know that all those long flowered dresses have had their day.
  • Every suit you own (and that's all you own) is shiny with wear.

In this case, proceed to Personal Shopping for an easy remedy!

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"You've heard it and I've seen the evidence: 80% of people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time."
- Diana

DIANA KILGOUR Vancouver Image Consultant

Personal Style & Image Consultant - Colour Consulting - Color Analysis - Closet Organizer
From Corporate to Casual since 1981
Vancouver, BC, Canada